Everyone needs one of these . . .

Wanna know why?

Because this gem organizes like crazy…without being asked!!

I kid you not. I wouldn’t kid about something as serious as organizing. That would be crossing the line.

And I never EVER cross the line.

But seriously, I should hire her out! She asked me a few months ago if she could organize our entire house.


Just this summer she has cleaned out, purged and organized not only her own room, but all her brothers’ rooms, the kitchen drawers, the bathroom and her friend’s room. Now when I say she’s cleaned out, purged and organized, I’m talking deep stuff here! She goes through every drawer, every shelf, every article of clothing, toy and knick knack. She leaves nothing untouched. And THEN, before I know it, she’s rearranged the furniture!

Yeah, I know. Freaky.

Here’s what she does, in her own words: “I make piles of either trash, D.I., or keep. Then I play around with things to see how they will fit. I have to make sure that nothing is too cluttered. If it is, then I go through things again. When I move furniture I measure and move.”

Is she for real? I mean the girl is only 11.

And then I remember that I was cleaning and organizing before I could read. It must be in her blood.

Yeah, I know. Freaky.

How did I get so lucky?

I don’t have any before pictures of her organizing projects because I don’t even know she’s been working on something until she’s done. Yes, she does this without my knowledge. She just comes up to me and asks me if I want to see what she’s done. I say yes, and she shows me a completely different room from when I saw it last. Sometimes she leaves signs to warn us before we enter the room.

Signs like this one above. This was on her older brother’s bedroom door.

Man – if I’m not careful, she’s going to organize everything and leave nothing for me.

Nothing, I tell you! Nothing! What am I thinking? I have to put a stop to this right now! She can’t do it all. I must have some organizing for myself. I must, I must!

Oh wait.

I need to come to my senses and realize. . .

I’m spoiled.


About organizedbyjenn

Busy wife and mother of 7 children; grew up in Oregon, currently lives in Utah. Loves the outdoors, organizing, crafting, running, and eating chocolate
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2 Responses to spoiled

  1. Rebecca says:

    Yeah, you’re spoiled. ;0) Can I send my dd over for training? :0)

  2. Becky says:

    I want one of those! Can I have her for a week?

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