i’m in love…

…with this:

You thought I was going to say “I’m in love with my husband” didn’t you? Be honest. I mean, it is close to Valentine’s Day and all that. But I won’t get mushy here. Nope.

That’s for another time and place.


So back to Lemi Shine. I love this stuff!! And this is why:

Last month I was complaining to my friends about my dishes and how gross they look when they come out of the dishwasher and no matter what I do nothing helps and blah, blah, blah. And I described what they look like. It’s this white, crusty, powdery-type film which sticks to everything. So all the dishes feel dirty, even though they look clean. My glass cups were filmy, our white bowls were even crusty. And the cooking utensils?

Oh, the horror of it all!

Let’s just say we had already thrown one of our utensils out in despair and were planning on chucking the rest out and buying new ones. They were that gross.

Well, one of my friends said that all the dishwashing soap is now phosphate-free (you know, ’cause everyone is going green) which is the problem. And another friend said to buy this stuff called Lemi Shine.

Isn’t it great to have friends? I mean, how was I supposed to know all this stuff?

So I did. What did I have to lose?

I found it at my local Super Target next to the dishwasher rinse aids, but I’ve been told you can also buy it at Wal-mart. Look around.

I dutifully followed the instructions on the bottle, which said to run the dishwasher empty and then load dishes in.

I was skeptical. My dishes were pretty bad. I was so skeptical that I took a “before” picture of 3 cooking utensils, just to say “See? I knew it wouldn’t work.”

I was wrong.

Not only was I wrong, but I was impressed, amazed, flabbergasted, astounded, surprised, excited, dumbfounded and totally wow-ed.

Here’s the before shot:

Pretty gross, huh?

And these are nice utensils, too. Not some cheap dollar-store kind, but nice. Pampered Chef, even. (love pampered chef) The middle one isn’t Pampered Chef, but the other ones are.

Remember, these are clean. And this stuff was all over my dishes. *shudder*

Now, be prepared to be impressed, amazed, flabbergasted, astounded, surprised, excited, dumbfounded and totally wow-ed.


Are you? Are you impressed, amazed, flabbergasted, astounded, surprised, excited, dumbfounded and totally wow-ed?!!!

This is after ONE time through the dishwasher in a full load. ONE TIME! Yes, I’m yelling because I’m so super excited about this.

I couldn’t believe it. I called my husband and told him he wasn’t going to believe it. I showed my kids when they got home from school. I invited friends and neighbors over to witness this extraordinary event.

It’s clear I need to get out more.

And yet, they were all intrigued by it all. My efforts were not wasted.

In case you need another glimpse, here’s a before & after shot in one picture:

Wow-zers! I don’t even care that it’s not a real word. Look at that!

Now the instructions say to use this in the big section where you put soap (I think that’s the official name) every single time you run the dishwasher, and your regular detergent in the small section, which I did initially until all my dishes sparkled. And then I thought I’d try running the dishwasher with my normal detergent and no Lemi Shine just to see.

So far, so good. My dishes are still coming out sparkly clean. So I’ll continue to run it like normal to save money.

It’s not that Lemi Shine is expensive; it’s about $3.50 a can. But it’s expensive if you have to use it every single time.

When my dishes start looking a little yucky again then I’ll whip out my trusty Lemi Shine, run it through my dishwasher by itself and watch the magic happen.

This stuff rocks!

I tried vinegar several times with no success. My Mom swears by vinegar and it truly works for her, but not me.

So Lemi Shine it is.

Be still, my beating heart.

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1 Response to i’m in love…

  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow! That is pretty amazing. I’m glad it worked right away. I haven’t heard of it before. Thanks for sharing!

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