Some people like to have matchy-matchy outfits for Easter Sunday. I think it’s cute and even do it myself most of the time.

It’s a personal choice. Don’t make fun. And yes, I purposefully chose the picture where my then-youngest looks like he’s picking his nose.

Just keepin’ it real.

Anyway, I buy my daughter’s dress first.

Why do I do this?

Because she’s my only girl and she actually cares what she wears. My 5 boys don’t.

This picture is back in the day when I only had 3 boys. They’re so cute and little!

Now because I have a lot of boys, I also have a lot of experience buying Sunday shirts and ties. Here’s what I’ve discovered over the years:

GAP usually has Sunday shirts for little boys and babies during Easter and Christmas. But they sell out pretty quickly and are more expensive than I usually like to pay. When shopping online, go to the “dressy” section of their clothing.

The Children’s Place also sells Sunday shirts in all sizes up to 14. They also mostly carry them during Easter and Christmas. Their prices are cheaper than GAP, which is a plus. They often carry ties and I can usually find matching ones for the younger boys if I go early enough. If you shop online, look for their shirts under “short-sleeved tops” or “long-sleeved tops”.

Burlington Coat Factory is another great place to get Sunday shirts for boys. They sell a good majority of their shirts with a tie, so it’s a little harder to find matching ones if you have boys of all ages. But it’s definitely worth a try because their prices are great. They don’t have an online store for clothes.

JC Penney carries lots of Sunday shirts — with and without ties. And they seem to carry them all year round (I hope I’m right on this). I’ve purchased matching shirts and ties from them during the summer for a wedding, so I’m pretty sure they always have them in stock. It just depends on what you want. Go to their “dress clothes” section online.

Tie One On is my go-to place for matching ties. Love this store! Keep in mind their infant sizes are the most limited in color and design, so start there if you want everyone to match. In order to shop online, you need to create an account, but it’s free and super fast.

One more tie store is My Favorite Pal. I haven’t used them yet, but their ties look very nice and they have a decent selection. I’m sure I’ll use them at some point in the future.


Sometimes I also buy cute little vests for the boys. This one is from The Children’s Place. Vests are easiest to find if you just do a search for them on the various websites.

I was pregnant with boy #4 in this picture.

So there you have it…matchy-matchy made easy-easy!


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2 Responses to matchy-matchy

  1. Erna Blackburn says:

    so? do we get to see this year’s after Sunday?

  2. Kari says:

    I have the opposite problem, finding a million girls dresses. My approach this year went as follows:
    Find a dress without and tulle (for Ally).
    Search until I want to weep. (Have you noticed how popular tulle was this year?)
    Find the perfect dresses at The Gap. (You mentioned the prices.)
    But after the searching be willing to buy the dress. (Especially when it was buy two get one free! Perfect!!!)

    Got to Tie One On to find a matching tie.

    Oh and Penney’s is year round dressy clothes. That is where I’ve purchased Elijah’s suits.

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