in honor of mothers

Since it’s almost Mother’s Day I just have to tell you about this awesome website I discovered that’s all about how amazing moms are and can be.

It’s called The Power of Moms.

Think about that title. Think about the word choice.


I love it. I have all-power! Oh wait – just kidding. I know that’s not what the founders of this organization meant.

I was just trying to have a little fun, that’s all.

But really. Moms do have a lot of power and potential for good in this world. I realize that it’s not only mothers who influence others for good, but I believe moms have a huge amount of influence on their children because of the amount of time moms invest in their kids, especially when their kids are young.

I’m sitting here, staring down into the eyes of my 9-month old. I am his world. He looks to me for everything right now, as does my 2 1/2 year old.

Yes, moms have an awesome responsibility and impact.

This website has all sorts of thought-provoking questions, inspiring articles, activities to stretch your mind plus pictures, retreats, organization tips, quotes and tons of topics all designed to help you improve yourself so you can be the best mother you can be.

I know with all the negative stuff out there that I need all the help I can get. I love that this organization emphasizes empowering and uplifting things about being a mom. It’s a place where mothers can go who are deliberate about their mothering. It’s a fantastic resource for everyone, whether you’re a mother or not. We can all improve in different ways.

Go check it out!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all and to all a Good Night!


About organizedbyjenn

Busy wife and mother of 7 children; grew up in Oregon, currently lives in Utah. Loves the outdoors, organizing, crafting, running, and eating chocolate
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