got a minute?

This is one of the shelves in my refrigerator.

Gross, isn’t it?

Well, guess how long it took me to clean it?

Less time than it took to heat up a plate of food.

And it wasn’t empty like you see it here. It had things on it: filtered water pitcher, lemon juice, salsa, orange juice, a couple of water bottles, etc. You get the idea.

And it still didn’t take me very long at all. And when I finished, not only did I have a clean shelf, but I had a plate of hot food ready for me to devour.

It was most delicious.

Have you ever wasted a minute? Or two? Three?

Oh, you don’t waste time?

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but we all waste time. It’s just a part of life.

Like death and taxes.

Death. Taxes. Wasting time. Yep, they go together.

Anyway, what do you do while you’re toasting bread in your toaster? Or heating something up in the microwave? Or waiting for your child to put his shoes on? Or while you’re on hold on the phone?

Do you zone out? Veg out? Space out? Do you stare at the countdown on the microwave, just waiting for the buzzer to sound?

Time waster.

One of the things that helps me stay organized is trying to do tiny bits of things during tiny bits of moments in time. (say that 10 times fast)

That’s what I did while heating up a plate of food.

I cleaned a tiny bit during a tiny bit of moment in time.

I did one shelf. Not the entire fridge. ONE shelf.

And the result was this wonderfully clean shelf. So clean you can see that my kids like gogurts and that we buy Tillamook butter and that we put food in ziploc bags.

Important stuff, I know.

And I did it all while heating up my food.

The next time you find yourself waiting . . . it doesn’t matter for what . . . do something. Put something away, even if it’s just one thing. Clean an area, even if it’s just a tiny area. Make a note of something you’ve been putting off, even if it’s just a short note.

The point is, try not to be a time waster.

You don’t want such a horrible label hanging over your head.


About organizedbyjenn

Busy wife and mother of 7 children; grew up in Oregon, currently lives in Utah. Loves the outdoors, organizing, crafting, running, and eating chocolate
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4 Responses to got a minute?

  1. Lorinda says:

    you obviously don’t have attention deficit. This is the problem with my life. I can never just put something in the microwave and stand there until it’s done. I have to change over a load of laundry, but then i realize that before the new load can go in, i have to run upstairs and get something out of the bathroom, and when i do that, I realize there is no toilet paper in there, so back downstairs to get toilet paper and don’t even get me started on my favorite room in the whole house… ooops my grocery bags are still down there. I need to empty the groceries and rearrange the shelves to make room, but the first thing I pull out is a box of granola bars and I think “I’m starving. Oh no! My food! In the microwave!” and by that time it’s cold. Turn on the microwave… second verse, same as the first :).

    • That’s so funny! This happens to me ALL THE TIME! I call it getting sidetracked. This is what I suggest: wherever it is that you’re waiting, (ie: in the kitchen waiting for the microwave), pick something in your kitchen to put away, clean up, etc. If that something has to be put in another room, make a pile of things to be taken to another room, but don’t actually do it right then. Stay in the kitchen! Stay focused. We have to train ourselves to do this and it’s really hard sometimes. But try staying in the same room and let me know if that helps. Good luck!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Lorinda – you crack me up. Jenn this is great advise. I should make up a sign for being a time waster. I think Logan is on the same page as Lorinda though. I’ve lost track of how many times I have found toast in the toaster waiting to be jammed, oatmeal or something that is still in the microwave.

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