you know it’s time

I don’t have a lot of shoes. Well, I have about 10 pair.

But to some that’s not a lot.

I used to have shoes that matched every outfit back in high school. Yes. Every single outfit. Polka-dot ones, striped ones, cobalt blue, neon pink, suede, leather, multi-colored . . . you name it, I had it. And I had watches that matched my shoes. And earrings and nail polish that matched my watches.

Man – those were the days.

But now I’m a little more practical. Read: boring.

Oh well. I’ve lived a good life.

So back to shoes: I try to get rid of the shoes that I don’t wear, mostly because I just don’t have the room. But also because if I get rid of the shoes that I don’t wear, then I have room to buy shoes that I will wear.

The logic is astounding, is it not?

Here’s a great example:

I don’t know. Do you think it’s time I got rid of these shoes?

They’re darling – yes. But they also have a spiderweb on them.

A spiderweb!

Obviously I don’t wear them very often. I know spiders are fast at making webs, but this one looks like it’s been there awhile.

So there you have it: my tip on when to get rid of shoes is when you have spiders that decide to make their home in them.

But if that doesn’t work for you, then try every 6 months or so to take a hard look at your shoes. Which ones do you wear? Which ones sit there collecting dust (or spiderwebs)? Take a picture of shoes you can’t seem to part with before giving them to someone else; it might make it easier.

Or even better, take a picture with them on your feet. Then find a friend who wants to have them. That way you’ll know they’re going to a good home.

Now go get your duster and clear those cobwebs.

About organizedbyjenn

Busy wife and mother of 7 children; grew up in Oregon, currently lives in Utah. Loves the outdoors, organizing, crafting, running, and eating chocolate
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1 Response to you know it’s time

  1. Kari says:

    I guess I don’t need three pairs of the same shoe dang it. I did go through my clothes recently. I took three trash bags to DI. I felt proud. I got rid of my rock climbing shoes. But I still have my dance shoes. I love them.

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