special day + more unpacking

This week there was a super-duper extra special day. Want to know why?

It’s was my daughter’s birthday. She turned 12 years old! She got her ears pierced as part of the celebration and couldn’t stop smiling (except for the part when they actually pierced her ears).

Back when I got my ears pierced (about 27 years ago) they didn’t have cute adorable posts like these.

My posts were just little balls of metal. Nothing special, cute, or sparkly.

I’m jealous.

And also back then posts were NOT a thing you wrote in a blog because blogs weren’t even invented yet. Shocking, I know.

My, how times have changed.

So that’s the Special Day part.

Now for the Unpacking part.

No, I don’t have my clothes still in my suitcase, thank goodness. I’ll write about unpacking my suitcases later.

This tip is about some of the other things that need to be unpacked besides suitcases.

This is my travel case.

It holds a boatload of stuff. And I really mean a boatload; it would fill a boat with all the stuff I can squeeze in there. That’s the big reason I love it so.

But I didn’t want to unpack it all at once. I was tired and I didn’t want a bunch of stuff all over our small bathroom counter.

Instead I hung it up because I still needed access to my toiletries. Makes sense, right?

Then, as I used the supplies in my travel case, I would simply put them away instead of putting them back in the case.

I know, I blow you away with my brilliance. Sometimes it hurts to look in the mirror.

(You know I’m just kidding, right?)

The only things that are left in my travel case now are the things that always stay in my travel case so they’re there when I – you know – travel.

Try it out. After your next vacation, put some things away as you use them instead of all at once. Because we all know there are definitely times when putting everything away at once is too painful.

Now I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture of Oregon:

This, my friends, is a SOC shot (straight out of the camera). Absolutely no editing whatsoever. And it’s just with a point and shoot.

Amazing, isn’t it?

This is the kind of gorgeous I grew up with. We lived by a river (creek, really) but it was about the size of the one you see here. And it was just as beautiful.

About organizedbyjenn

Busy wife and mother of 7 children; grew up in Oregon, currently lives in Utah. Loves the outdoors, organizing, crafting, running, and eating chocolate
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