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classic example

Remember when I talked about school papers and projects and art – oh my!? And how I don’t keep the big, the bulky, or the smelly? More on that hereĀ and here as well. Well, here’s a classic example. The Bug … Continue reading

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chores – part 3

Ready to move on? I’ve definitely given you all plenty of time to incorporate CHORES – part 1 and CHORES – part 2. Did you do what I challenged you to do? Did you not only make a list of … Continue reading

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still here

No, I haven’t dropped off the planet. I haven’t died and gone to heaven (although I hope that’s where I go when I do die). I haven’t even crawled under a rock lately. And I’m not sick anymore either. I … Continue reading

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I’m sick. So yucky. It’s nothing major; just a bad head cold with a stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, minor cough and slightly achy. Cold season is here; at least for our family. I’m one of four of us with a … Continue reading

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chores – part 2

I’ve given you ample time to make your list of chores you’d like to accomplish during a typical week. Ample time. Did you make your list? If you didn’t make your list yet, then stop reading. (yeah, whatever. If someone … Continue reading

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