I’m sick. So yucky.

It’s nothing major; just a bad head cold with a stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, minor cough and slightly achy.

Cold season is here; at least for our family. I’m one of four of us with a nasty head cold.

And when you’re sick, all you want to do is lay in bed all day, right? But do you get to?

That’s a big, fat NO!

Kids still need to get ready for school and out the door, then homework when they come home, sports, piano, etc.; toddlers still need help getting dressed and feeding themselves and both babies and toddlers need diaper changes, naps and attention.

Then there’s the house. It still needs attention as well. Dishes need to be loaded, laundry needs to be done, dinner needs to be cooked, etc.

So how do you maintain things when you’re down and out?


Now before I explain what I mean, I need to let you know that in no way do I mean that your home, children, and other things that you normally do are done to the same standard that you’re used to when you’re not sick. Let’s be realistic here.

The house will be messier. Dinner will be simpler (cereal, anyone?) The kids will need to step it up and help out more. Same with your spouse. But you don’t have to let your house fall completely apart when you’re sick.

Unless, of course, you’re in the hospital, or your death-bed, or really can’t get out of bed. And that’s OK. We all have times like that.

So this advice is for the more minor of illnesses, like nasty head colds. Yes, they still wipe a person out, but they’re not lethal.

OK, back to the timer.

This is what I did yesterday and what I’m doing today as well: I’m using my timer to pace myself. My timer is my buddy.

I set my timer for 15 minutes. You can set it for 5 minutes if you want; it depends on how lousy you feel. During that time, be it 5, 10, or 15 minutes, do something.

Something like: load a few dishes, start the dishwasher, clear the kitchen table, start a load of laundry, change a diaper, throw some food in the crock pot, go through the mail. Anything that will make you feel a little better about the state of your house.

But don’t try to do things that are super labor-intensive. That’s not the point here. Just simple things; easy things.

And then stop. Set your timer for a longer period of time. I set mine for 30 minutes.

Rest. Drink lots of fluids. Lay down. Relax on the couch. Put your feet up. Whatever is restful for you. If you need longer, set your timer for longer: 45 minutes, 1 hour. Again, it doesn’t matter.

When the timer goes off, set it for a short amount of time again and repeat.

You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel because your house hasn’t fallen apart and you’re getting some type of rest as well because of your timer.

If you’re lucky enough that the children you have at home take naps at the same time, take a nap with them!

I wasn’t so lucky yesterday. But maybe today. I’m hoping.

I’d love to hear your stories of how this worked for you and what you thought of it.

About organizedbyjenn

Busy wife and mother of 7 children; grew up in Oregon, currently lives in Utah. Loves the outdoors, organizing, crafting, running, and eating chocolate
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