approach #2

Miss me?

Oh good. I missed you, too.

You see, I sort of forgot I had a blog.


I’ve just been extra super-duper busy. I know that’s no excuse because there are plenty of people who blog every day who could arguably say they’re much, much, much more busy than I am.

And they’re probably right. So really I have no excuse. I just haven’t blogged.

Well, I’m changing that today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but at least for today I’m blogging.

I know you’re all relieved.

OK, do you remember way back in February when I mentioned the different ways to clean and organize a room? And then I spent several posts talking about Approach #1? If you need a reminder, click HERE, HERE and HERE.

Did you try that approach? I would like you to if you haven’t so you can compare it with the other approaches I’m going to talk about. Plus it’s fun to try new things.

Here we go with Approach #2.

First I guess I’d better tell you what Approach #2 is, huh? Fine. I’ll indulge you. But just this once.

Approach #2 is different from the first approach because with this one, you’ll be inviting everyone that lives in your house to participate. Approach #1 you do by yourself.

1. Gather your family
Tell them you need them for just 5, 10 or 15 minutes (whatever you think they can handle). Set your timer for that amount of time.

2. Give them an assignment
This part is up to you as far as what you want the assignment to be. You can ask each of them to each pick a different type of thing to clean up (toys, paper, clothes, garbage, etc). You can have them only focus on things that are theirs. You can assign them a certain area (table, floor, dresser, couch, etc.). Just have it decided ahead of time.

3. Start the timer and go
Have everyone work as hard as they can until the timer goes off, including yourself. Play some music, sing some songs, make it fun. But keep your promise that when the timer goes off, everyone gets to stop. If you break this promise, then your family won’t trust you the next time you set your timer and they won’t be willing to help you out the next time.

4. Take a break and repeat
Look at what you’ve accomplished! Help your family be aware of what they’ve accomplished. It feels good!

That’s it for Approach #2.


Simple, easy, gets the whole family involved, fun, short, cleaner room…what’s the downside?

There isn’t one. Happiness all around.

About organizedbyjenn

Busy wife and mother of 7 children; grew up in Oregon, currently lives in Utah. Loves the outdoors, organizing, crafting, running, and eating chocolate
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2 Responses to approach #2

  1. andrea retke says:

    You are so awesome Jennifer! I almost cried when I read this…..I don’t know why, I am a bit on the, uh (crazy) side (shhhh I’m sure nobody knows yet…)! You are such a star! I’m going to use these tips for myself, I need all the help I can get! YOU ROCK!

    LOVE YOU, Drea

  2. Great pointers 🙂 And it is incredibly important for the kids to be involved. How else will they learn? And they need to learn… 🙂 Thanks!! ~ Liz

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