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the jarbox

Have you ever wondered how NASA can make a space shuttle that not only travels to space but then on re-entering the earth’s atmosphere it withstands temperatures of up to 1630 degrees Celsius? It’s pretty incredible. And yet no one … Continue reading

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memorial day

Enjoy your Memorial Day today! Honor those who have died to protect our country, remember family members who have passed on and cherish our country and all that she stands for! Happy Memorial Day!

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happy mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you women out there! Yes – I really meanĀ all the women in the world, whether you have children or not. Why do I meanĀ all? Because of a talk given by Sheri L. Dew back in … Continue reading

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master bedroom {after}

Did I keep you in suspense long enough? I’m sorry I’m so mean. It really wasn’t intentional. I’m really a nice person. Really. Keep in mind this isn’t Better Homes & Gardens worthy, but it was a wonderful upgrade from … Continue reading

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master bedroom {before}

In my last post I mentioned how great it was to discover that Ziploc bags worked really well at protecting my phone while patching, sanding and painting walls. Do you want to see what I patched, sanded and painted? Good, … Continue reading

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