master bedroom {after}

Did I keep you in suspense long enough?

I’m sorry I’m so mean. It really wasn’t intentional. I’m really a nice person. Really.

Keep in mind this isn’t Better Homes & Gardens worthy, but it was a wonderful upgrade from what we had before.

Here you go:

This is looking in from the doorway. The chair is my sister Lori’s chair. She owns an upholstery company called Red Fox Furnishings and they do absolutely A-mazing things with furniture!

The hardwood floor was underneath the ugly carpet and all we did to it was pull out all the staples and nails and wash it down. That’s it! I’m not in love with the color, but I love the hardwood look. We’ll re-finish it another time.

We haven’t put in new baseboards yet so I just left the old ones on for now.

The walls are painted Repose Gray. I know it looks blue in some of the pictures, but it’s gray.

Since taking the picture of just the chair, I’ve added the picture gallery. Those small black frames are going to have pictures of our 6 children, eventually.

The large silver frame used to be an ugly brown. I bought the frame at a yard sale for $2. I painted it with spray paint. Here’s what it looked like before:

Here’s a close-up of the silver frame – just because I really like this picture of us. It’s super cute.

This is now what I see when I sit in my bed. Peaceful. Relaxing. Calming. Not my ugly closet. Just soft white curtains, a beautiful chair, a hardwood floor, and a framed piece of art.

Yes, there is something in that frame. It’s white embossing on white and it reads, “Live by the Whisperings of the Spirit.” It’s a reminder that we have to shut out the loud and screaming world in order to listen to the Spirit and do what the Lord wants us to do.

Sigh. It relaxes me just to look at this picture.

Our mirror is now resting on this easel by the door. Remember to keep in mind that we haven’t done any of our trim yet, so the ugly door trim will soon be gone.

I painted the mirror silver and I love it so much better than the brown.

The tops of our dressers look completely different. We took off a lot of stuff and kept it pretty simple. The plant sitting in the glass in the picture is now in a pretty pot which adds some color. I’ll take a picture of it and post it so you can see it.

Here’s a straight view of our dressers and mirror, before the mirror was painted.

And the couple in the three silver frames? They’re such good friends of ours that we decided we wanted them in our Master Bedroom.


I bought those silver frames at Target. They were on clearance for $5 a piece, regularly $17 a piece. What a deal!

As soon as I get my act in gear those silver frames will have pictures of me and my husband in them.

Sorry cute model couple, but you have to go.

Here’s kind of the whole room view. Sort of. The old blinds are still up but we’ve since taken them down.

We’ve also added trim around the windows, but no baseboards yet.

Here’s a shot of Curtis’ side with the lamp on. And the brown picture frame with the rocks in it is now spray painted black. Inside that frame will be one of our engagement pictures. It’s going to be so stinking cute!

This is my side of the bed with the lamp on. Yes, the blinds were still up in this picture, but they’ve since been taken down and trim has been added around the windows.

A close-up of Curtis’ side of the bed.

My side of the bed. The small horizontal picture you see on my nightstand is of me on my wedding day, surrounded by Curtis’ brothers. I love that picture. So cute.

So what do you think?

It looks so much better in person. So much better. I’m not a good photographer and all I have is a little point and shoot camera, but you get the idea, right?

If you’re in the neighborhood and want to see it in person, go ahead and stop by!

I should add that I did all of this as a surprise for Curtis. He didn’t know any of this was happening.

One day he came home and the ceiling was painted. Then he came home and the walls were painted. The next day the curtains went up over the closet. And then the following day the carpet was ripped out.

And each day, at the end of each day, I would move all the furniture back in the room as if I’d done nothing that day and just wait for him to notice.

It didn’t take long, thanks to the smell of latex paint.

And Curtis was definitely surprised.

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3 Responses to master bedroom {after}

  1. This looks fantastic 🙂

  2. We have very similar bedrooms. I love what you have done. I’m on my way to making mine look the way I want. So nice to see a finished master bedroom that is as quaint as yours.

  3. austinkp says:

    I know this is old, but do you know where one can buy that “Live by the whisperings of the spirit” art piece?

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