the jarbox

Have you ever wondered how NASA can make a space shuttle that not only travels to space but then on re-entering the earth’s atmosphere it withstands temperatures of up to 1630 degrees Celsius?

It’s pretty incredible.

image source: Wikipedia

And yet no one can make a canning jar that’s not glass because it gets too hot.

What’s the deal?

I did a google search for plastic canning jars . . . and they do exist. Just not for steam or pressure canning.

Well, that does me absolutely no good whatsoever.


Because I’m a steam and pressure canner. Yep. I sure am.

I grew up eating homemade canned cherries, peaches, pears, applesauce and whatever else my dear Mother decided to can. One of my most favorite after school snacks was a bowl of homemade canned peaches with toast.

Mmmmmmm. I can taste it now. So good.

So now I can my own fruit, tomatoes, apple pie filling, etc. And I’m always wishing I had a safe way to store my glass jars. Yeah – I can put them in cardboard boxes, but the boxes aren’t going to protect my jars if they come crashing to the floor.

Glass jars.

Do you realize where I live? I live in a major earthquake zone that’s way overdue for an earthquake.

Lovely, isn’t it?

And what’s going to happen to my glass jars when an earthquake hits? Or when my children try to get something off the shelf and accidentally knock down my glass canning jars?

Mayhem, my friends. Mayhem.

So . . . I was at the Women’s Expo a month or so ago browsing through all the fun stuff there and minding my own business when – BAM – I saw these:

image source:

What?! Seriously?!

I was intrigued so I stopped to chat with the people running the booth and found out that these things are indeed the next best thing to plastic canning jars.

Introducing (drum roll, please)


image source:

Oh. My.

I got super excited about these things. I was more excited about these than I was about all the other cute stuff that there is to see at the Women’s Expo. And I was so complimentary to the lady who thought of this because she did what I never did.

She came up with a solution.


Am I gushing? Sorry.

I just really love these. And they’re good for all your glass jars. Not just canning ones.

Yes, I bought one to try it out. I put all my apple pie filling canning jars in it. Yes, I love it.

So, no thanks to you, NASA (sorry to be so harsh) for helping me protect my food investment. All the credit goes to the JarBOX people.

Go check out their website:

And no, they’re not paying me or anything to advertise. I just love their product.

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3 Responses to the jarbox

  1. Very interesting. For my family, also very expensive at about $25+sh each. I’ll have to live with my empty jars in boxes and full jars on shelves and just hope that the midwest fault lines continue to hold.

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