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did you know?

Did you know that Ziploc bags are awesome? You did? Good. I was just checking. Because if you didn’t know that Ziploc bags were awesome then we were going to have to have a little chat. Those are my adorable … Continue reading

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easter baskets

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Ours was pretty good; could use improvement, though. So thankfully there’s always next year. But at least we have good Easter baskets. There’s something to be said for good Easter baskets. Ya … Continue reading

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the rest of halloween

Sorry to keep you in suspense there. I wasn’t trying to be cruel, honest. So you’ve got your ziploc bags, pen, costumes and box? Let’s go! This is super easy and depending on how many costumes you have, it shouldn’t take … Continue reading

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Are all of your Halloween costumes neatly put away by now? Yeah, mine aren’t either. But you’re going to be THANKFUL that they’re still out because I have 2 great tips on organizing all those darling costumes that your children begged … Continue reading

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