pricing and ordering information

Regular size
2-pocket: $85
3-pocket: $110

12×12 size
2-pocket: $120
3-pocket: $145

Shipping is additional and varies based on the number and size of your order, as well as location. Shipping rates based on past orders have ranged from $26 – $100+.

I accept PayPal: or cash if you’re local. Email me for more information.

I can also set up payment plans to best suit your budget. Again, email me for more information.

I require half down in order to begin your order and ship it to you once the final payment is received.

You may place your order anytime, however, I build Wall Files only during the months of April — September (I don’t have an inside shop).

Basic colors are black or white, but you can order custom colors for just the cost of the paint.

I make them vertically or horizontally, in 2 or 3 pocket configurations.

Each one is antiqued (distressed) by hand and comes with label holders attached. They hang on the wall using d-rings:

D-ring hanger

D-ring hanger

Once the order is placed, turn-around time for each order is about a month.

To order or if you have questions, simply email me at

11 Responses to pricing and ordering information

  1. Heidi says:

    Hi! Do you ship to Canada?

  2. Joan says:

    I too am wondering if you ship to Canada (and then what the cost is going to be considering the size and weight). Looks great!

    • I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. Yes, I can ship to Canada. Depending on how many wall files are ordered and where you live in Canada, I was told that shipping will be $20-25 more than in the States. Shipping in the states is about $20.

  3. I emailed you about purchasing.
    Liz Petrina

  4. Karey says:

    I have been searching for a few weeks for wall pockets like these. I sent you an email about ordering. I can’t wait to hear back from you.

  5. Brandi says:

    Hi Jenn, My name is Brandi and I sent you an email regarding the black wall pockets. Just checking to see if you have received it. Thanks, Brandi

  6. macandsac says:

    Do you still sell these?

  7. Lauren says:

    Are you still selling and making these? I just emailed you.

  8. Raelyn Stringham says:

    Do you still make and sell these?

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